DNA and RNA Extraction


Service Overview

  • The Pharmacogenomics Centre houses the Montreal Heart Institute hospital cohort biobank (n>17,000) as well as samples from Canadian Blood Services (n>10,000), Héma-Québec (n>30,000), and the NIH Heart Failure Network (n>800). The biobank relies on off-site duplication of sample storage for accrued sample security when necessary. The Centre is responsible for the management and curation of thousands of DNA, plasma, Buffy Coat, and red blood cell samples each year.
  • The DNA/RNA isolation laboratory operates under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards and provides services to clients in the academic, industrial, and pharmaceutical communities. All operations are conducted following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and all experiment workflows are documented in a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
  • As part of its clinical trial experience and its GLP mandate, the Pharmacogenomics Centre can provide sample barcode labels in order to streamline the sample identification process.
  • The Pharmacogenomics Centre has the capability to perform DNA extraction from a wide variety of sample types including fresh and frozen whole blood, buffy coats, saliva, buccal swabs, and FTA paper. The Centre also has the capability to perform RNA extraction from cell lines, fresh and frozen Buffy Coat, and from PaxGene Blood RNA tubes.
  • In line with the GLP mandate of the Centre, the quality and quantity of DNA and RNA samples are assessed using state of the art microfluidics chip electrophoreses techniques.
  • Different DNA extraction platforms are available at the Pharmacogenomics Centre to support different project scopes. The Centre has Therefore the capacity to process DNA extraction for projects requiring low and high sample throughput as well as small to large quantity of starting materials.


All samples are stored in validated -80°C/-20°C units monitored 24/7 using technologies by Rees Scientific. We offer the options of short (0-6 months), medium (6-12 months), and long term storage (12 months and more).

Sample Submission

Please contact Ian Mongrain for more details on sample submission.


As required by rigorous ethical committee procedures for studies involving human subjects, we request that all samples be provided with conforming ethical documents.


Qiagen Autopure

Qiagen QiaSymphony SP

Qiagen EZ1 XL