Qiagen QiaSymphony SP

  • The QiaSymphony instrument is a fully integrated magnetic bead based nucleotide acid extraction system that provides very high purity output material.
  • The QiaSymphony is dedicated to extract DNA from up to 1mL of whole fresh and frozen blood. The system is also optimized to extract DNA from Buffy Coat prepared from up to 5-10mL of blood as well as other specialized sources such as FFPE tissues and fresh tissues.
  • The system is also optimized to extract ultrapure RNA from the gold standard PAXgene RNA tubes and is also ideal for projects that require good amounts of DNA needed in most modern genomics activities as qPCR, Next Generation Sequencing, and genotyping.
  • The system is perfect for high throughput projects with capacity of processing up to 96 samples per run and a maximum of 384 samples per day. Table 2 summarizes typical yields obtained with the system for different sample types.

More information on DNA yield can also be found on Qiagen’s website (link).

Sample Type Input Material Volume (mL) DNA and RNA Concentration (ng/µL) DNA and RNA Yield (µg)
Whole Fresh Blood * 1 80 16
Whole Frozen Blood * 1 125 25
Buffy Coat ** 10 200 80
RNA PAXgene Tube *** 2.5 100 8
RNA from BuffyCoat *** 10 150 12

* Based on final elution volume of 200µL
** Based on final elution volume of 400µL
*** Based on final elution volume of 80µL