Service Overview

The genotyping laboratory at the Pharmacogenomics Centre operates under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards and provides services to clients in the academic, industrial, and pharmaceutical communities. All operations are conducted following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and all experiments are documented in a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The Centre offers different technologies for genotyping of SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), Indels (Insertion and deletion polymorphisms) and CNVs (Copy Number Variation).

Agena Bioscience CSP LogoBeing a close collaborator of pharmaceutical companies for many years, the Pharmacogenomics Centre developed a thorough expertise in assay validation respecting the highest quality required by regulatory agencies (CAP-CLIA, ISO). The validation level of custom and commercially available assays can be modulated on the nature and requirements of the projects.

As part of its core expertise, the Pharmacogenomics Centre also offers genotyping project evaluation and planning.

The Pharmacogenomics Centre is a Agena Bioscience Certified Service Provider (CSP) in the area of genotyping on the Agena Bioscience platform.

The Pharmacogenomics Centre is specialized in:

Genotyping Technologies:

  • Agena Bioscience®iPLEX® Gold and PRO (up to 400 loci)
  • Illumina®GoldenGate (from 384 to 3,072 loci)
  • Illumina®Infinium HD (from 3,000 to 5M loci)
  • Affymetrix GeneChip