Qiagen EZ1 XL

The EZ1 XL instrument is a fully integrated magnetic bead-based nucleotide acid extraction system that provides very high purity of the output material.

The system provides a wide range of DNA and RNA extraction protocols optimized for 1 to 14 samples at a time with an average of 20 minutes per run. With the concept of “one reagent cartridge per sample”, the EZ1 is an ideal instrument for clinical settings that require rapid DNA/RNA extraction turnaround, low sample batching size, and very high quality of the output material.

The EZ1 XL is dedicated to extract DNA from up to 350µL of whole fresh and frozen blood. The system is also optimized to extract DNA from Buffy Coat prepared from up to 1-5mL of blood and other specialized sources as FFPE tissues and fresh tissues. The system is also optimized to extract ultrapure RNA from tissues.

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The table below summarizes some typical yields obtained with the system for different sample types.

Sample Type Input material volume (mL) DNA concentration (ng/µL) DNA yield (µg)
Whole fresh blood * 0.350 53.5 10.7
Whole frozen blood * 0.350 61.5 12.3

* Based on final elution volume of 200µL