Profile & History


The Pharmacogenomics Centre was founded by Jean-Claude Tardif, MD, director of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) Research Centre and professor at Université de Montréal, in a partnership between the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI), Université de Montreal, and Genome Quebe. The construction of the physical centre and the acquisition of its infrastructure was made possible via funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, a Genome Canada and Genome Quebec grant to study the genomic determinants of safety and efficacy of cardiovascular disease medication, a personal donation from Michel Saucier and his wife Gisèle Beaulieu as well as funding from the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation.

Today, the Centre is staffed by 40 highly qualified and skilled scientists committed to producing the highest quality science. Interacting functional groups include the laboratory team, the bioinformatics team, quality assurance, project management, statistical genetics, and administration. The Pharmacogenomics Centre has led over 120 research projects since its creation in 2008.

Through its technology and development platforms, the Pharmacogenomics Centre provides opportunities to expand and enhance existing research programs through the inclusion of genetic information at all phases of drug development using a variety of platforms that operate under strict quality assurance criteria, ensuring the highest quality data.