Profile & History

Established in 2008, the Beaulieu-Saucier Pharmacogenomics Centre is an academic organization dedicated to the advance of knowledge and promoting discoveries in precision medicine by leading high quality pharmacogenomics research in partnership with industry, governmental and academic organizations.

Through its technology and development platforms, the Pharmacogenomics Centre provides opportunities to expand and enhance existing research programs through the inclusion of genetic information at all phases of drug development using a variety of platforms that operate under strict quality assurance criteria, ensuring the highest quality data. Interacting cores include a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) genomics laboratory, statistical genetics, and a bioinformatics core, which are supported by dedicated personnel in project management, quality assurance and administration.

The Centre distinguishes itself from other technology-driven genomics service centres by its hands-on approach to study design and to genomic services. The Centre works in close collaboration with its users to provide an integrated service which includes comprehensive project management, study design, statistical genetics, customized genomics, bioinformatics, reporting and scientific manuscript assistance.

The Centre’s activities are rigorously planned to enhance efficiency of execution and the work is conducted according to the highest standards of quality in genomic data generation. One of the key distinguishing features of the Centre is the central role given to statistical genetics to drive innovation. The statistical core supports all stages of project development. The team produces comprehensive documentation that ensures the rapid translation of research findings.