Clinical Trial Management


The MHICC and the Pharmcogenomics Centre provide full expertise to conduct clinical trials efficiently and effectively through innovation in order to fulfill clinical trials requirements. The MHICC as a fully integrated Clinical Research Organization (CRO) with deep roots in the academic research and medical worlds, and the Pharmacogenomics Centre as core genomics translational research GLP laboratory, we excel at offering tailor-made services covering any types and phases of clinical trials in the academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields.

  • MHIC CRO Expertise
    • Clinical development plan design
    • Protocol development
    • Study project management
    • Site management
    • Biostatistics
    • Data management
    • Clinical Monitoring
    • Medical Oversight
    • Safety Surveillance
    • Clinical Quality Assurance
    • Information Technology Security
  • Pharmacogenomics Centre Expertise
    • Laboratory protocol development
    • Genotyping and Sequencing assays development and validation
    • Data analysis and interpretation
    • Data reporting