FlexStar Plus

  • Walk-away instrument designed to extract DNA from various starting materials, including fresh blood, frozen whole blood, Saliva and Buffy Coat.
  • Dedicated to extract DNA from up to 10mL of whole fresh, frozen blood volume and Buffy Coat and 4mL of Saliva with very high purity of the output material.
  • Ideal for projects that require high DNA yields such as DNA biobanking (see table below for details).
  • Ideal for projects that require medium throughput capacity. The system is capable of processing up to 30 samples per run and a maximum of 90 samples per day.

For more information on FlexStar Plus (link).

Sample Type Input material volume (mL) DNA concentration * (ng/µL) DNA yield (µg) *
Whole fresh blood 10 200-420 200-420
Whole frozen blood 10 200-420 200-420
Buffy Coat 10 200-420 200-420
Saliva 4 20-200 20-200

* Based on final elution volume of 1.0mL